Ford Center Announces 2016-2017 EmergeNext and Statesmanship Academy Classes

The Wendell H. Ford Government Education Center is proud to announce the local-area high school students who have been accepted into the EmergeNext program and the Statesmanship Academy for the 2016-2017 school year. For each program, students are chosen from all four Owensboro-area high schools as well as Ohio County High School, McLean County High School and Hancock County High School.  Students must turn in a completed application, along with the assigned essay before they are accepted into either program. This year the Wendell H. Ford Government Education Center will be teaching 98 students about the importance of public service and the many different areas of study in civic education. 

EmergeNext is a non-partisan, cooperative program of the Wendell H. Ford Government Education Center, the Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce, and the Greater Owensboro Economic Development Corporation. This three-day program is a pre-cursor to the Statesmanship Academy and is focused on identifying, educating, and engaging young leaders in servant leadership in order to make a positive impact on their community. EmergeNext will introduce young leaders to a variety of issues that impact the Greater Owensboro region and the Commonwealth of Kentucky, with a particular focus on developing leadership skills, working together, and learning to compromise to solve problems.

The Statesmanship Academy, is a non-partisan program for high school sophomores through seniors, that focuses on helping students better understand our local, state, and federal governments, while also teaching them the three principles by which Senator Ford conducted his work: civil discourse, cooperation, and the willingness to compromise. Students study a wide variety of issues that affect our local community, state and nation, while also developing their leadership skills. Students who partake in the Statesmanship Academy leave with a greater appreciation of public service, a better understanding of what it means to be a statesman/leader, as well as the ability to look at both sides of an issue in order to find resolution to a problem. 

Listed below are the names of students who have been accepted into the Wendell H. Ford Government Education Center EmergeNext program and the Statesmanship Academy for the 2016-2017 school year. 

EmergeNext Program

Apollo High School:                                        
Macy Dame
Samantha Klee
Christian Leigh
Lynzy Schwarts

Daviess County High School:
Carter Bean
Ethan Easterday
Addison Hamilton
Daniel Love
Mason Miller
Jay Powers
Lucas Ruckdeschel
Griffan Sayre
David Stevens
Mason Thompson
Houston Watson

Owensboro High School:
Paige Castlen
Mamie Hale
Mary Grace Hemingway
AJ Iracane
Jack Lashbrook
Parker Medley
Olivia Miller
Clayton Rhoades
Gracie Roberts
Ann Lawton Watson

Trinity High School:
Alexia Barnett
Avery Barnett
Maddie Boarman
Meredith Harlee
Harlee Keener

Statesmanship Academy 1 – Sophomores

Apollo High School:
Gracie Bush
Gracie Cart
Carly Kirk
Landon Rafferty
Keely Shocklee
Caroline Shutt

Daviess County High School:
Lauren Boling
Owen Krahwinkel
Faith Porter
Gracie Westmoreland

Owensboro High School:
Will Clark
Mitchell Douglas
Eric Epperson
Savannah Gatton
Paul Iracane
Julia Kimbell
Grant Luckett
Isaac Nalley
Austin Sovar
Logan Webb
Zane West

Trinity High School:
Mary Hardesty 
Lydia Lambert

Statesmanship Academy 2 – Juniors

Apollo High School:
Camron Blandford
Parker Collignon
Paige Ferguson
Hattie Martin
Laynee Thornton

Daviess County High School:
Anna Gargus
Madeline Gregory
Ragan Howard
Bailey Hume
Jaclyn Hume
Owensboro Catholic High School
Xavier Evans

Owensboro High School:
NIcholas Brake
Emily Castlen
Matheus DaSilva
Joseph Gatton
Jacquelyn Gesser
Griffin Haire
Ryan Hodges
Brayden Hood
Blakely McCalister
Jamar Mundy-Schnepp
Hillary Payne
Tabor Payne
Parker Peters
Hannah Wilson

Statesmanship Academy 3 – Seniors

Apollo High School:
Tyler Garrard
Josh Hay
Adam Hertzler
Ally-Paige Kirk
Johnna Kuegel
Rosie Newkirk
Ambria Patel
Ashton Robertson
Rachel Thomas
Aaron Wimsatt
Olivia Wright

Daviess County High School:
Adam Bouchard
Jacob Goldman
Lauren Russell
Max Smith

Owensboro Catholic High School:
Madison Taylor

Owensboro High School:
Lily Hall
Jenna Hunt
Jack Iracane
Tyler Sovar